What We Do

We gather to explore movement play and to cultivate the ability to foster such play. Each of us brings curiosity and experience.

Sessions don't always happen the same way.

Often we gather and warm-up and share questions and insights that we've been mulling. Out of discussion we arrive at some agreement about things to explore - questions, a game, something someone has done before or something we make up as we go. Other times someone brings an idea or some props - a slack line or Jenga blocks - and we find ways to play with them, trying each other's ideas and mixing and matching with our own. In any case, what we explore typically combines ideas from several or all of us.

After playing we take time to discuss what we noticed, and often will give the same activity another go in the same session, observing how the exploration changes the second time around.

This combination of formulation, exploration, evaluation, and repetition is our "research"...

The collaborative formulation and exploratory nature of this process depends on all involved being willing and able to listen to one another and themselves. The ability to do that is not just an incidental skill. We see it as an essential element both of the things we're interested in exploring and the process of framing the exploration. Part of what we value in this gathering is the opportunity develop, hone, and refine this ability to both listen and contribute.

To get more specific, below are some of the "games" we've explored. We've revisited some and some have been one-time things. Many more aren't on the list, not because they're unimportant, but because documentation is not our first priority. This is just a sampling, but we are finding the documentation to be interesting and valuable, in particular to help get perspective on what it is we do, as well as providing a means to share what we do with others.

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¡DC Movement Research! Games to Remember